Version 1.16

tisco Control4 Project Migration

target KNX Suite v3.2

with 31.05.2019 tisco Control4 drivers have reached end of life.
your existing commercial licenses will continue to function.
Thank you for joining the ride!
Kind Regards and cheers,
tisco Control4 Development team

target Control4 OS 2.7.x

for Control4 OS 2.9.x, 2.10.x or newer please use this link!

how to:
- take a project backup and keep it safe
- perform a project upgrade locally using Composer Pro Virtual Director, take another backup and upload it here
- after success migration, replace your project with the migrated file

→ after successfully completing the remote steps, proceed to your customer for onsite upgrade and migration

filesize limit: 100MB (do not include media data if your project file is too large). we recommend Total Commander to remove file mm.db from your project backup.
using TC simply explore the c4p file using ENTER and copy (F5) and/or delete (F8). The file mm.db can easily be copyied back into the migrated c4p file.

VERY IMPORTANT: if you encounter a migration error - click on the link after the error and notify us via email. we will come up with a solution, but without your email, we can't let you know about the fix!

updated 04.06.2019 05:24 CEST
Migrate old "Lighting Scenes" agent to "Advanced Lighting" agent
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